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The 2013 Loud Idiot Movie Awards! March 26, 2013 - Celebrate the social event of the year with the 2013 Loud Idiot Movies Awards Show! The biggest extravaganza ever hosted at the Non-Productive.com studios, featuring [...]
The Loud Idiots – Division 1.1 and Vicki Pettersson March 19, 2013 - Division 1.1 and Vicki Pettersson On this episode, the guys get an in-depth look into the music business with the rock group Division 1.1. Then [...]
The Loud Idiots – Jocelyn Potter and The Deciders March 12, 2013 - On this episode, The Idiots prepare for the upcoming 2013 Loud Idiots Movie Awards by releasing the list of categories and nominees. They are then [...]
The Loud Idiots with guest Julie-Ann Hamolko March 5, 2013 - Julie Ann In Idiot-Land With Big Poppa Pete taking the night off to further his chances of becoming the new pope, the Idiots are joined [...]
The Loud Idiots – Project: Shadows February 26, 2013 - Project: Shadows, the Oscars, and Taffeta’s in Love! On this episode, the Idiots sit and talk comics with Project: Shadows creators Alfred Trujillo and Az [...]
The Loud Idiots – April In February?! February 19, 2013 - April In February?! On this episode, the Idiots continue to let Taffeta Darling inform them on how she gets through the Valentine season. Then they [...]
The Loud Idiots with guest Blaze Coyle February 12, 2013 - On this episode of The Loud Idiots, we welcome actress/filmmaker Blaze Coyle to the show. Blaze’s new production The Meat Puppet was produced through her [...]
The Loud Idiots – The Math Warriors Strike Back! February 5, 2013 - The Math Warriors Strike Back! Kristina Harris of the popular web series “Math Warriors” returns with actress Blair Robinson to discuss Season 3, Star Wars, [...]
The Loud Idiots – Double Feature: Nuke ‘Em High Meets The Women of Armageddon January 29, 2013 - Join us on The Loud Idiots show as we discuss Troma Pictures plans for their new film “Return To the Class of Nuke ‘Em High” [...]
Ever After and the Macabre January 22, 2013 - It’s freezing outside but it’s hot inside the Non-Productive.com studio as we welcome author Kim Harrison, celebrating the launch of her 11th book in The [...]