LOTR Wraith “Hoodie” Requires You to Delve Too Greedily and Too Deep

First, yes, we know the Dwarves of Moria did not become wraiths. Shut up.

But this awesome outfit from NYC design studio ODD is just the thing to warm your spirits this winter as you wait in line for the first of The Hobbit films… and at $2,136 it’s only slightly more costly than an IMAX 3D movie ticket amirightfolks!

I have no idea why this thing is being referred to as a hoodie. It’s more a goth-cape, if you ask me, but perhaps everyone is just trying to cash in on the superhero costume hoodie craze that’s sweeping the internets.

In any case, there are some really nifty designs at the ODD site, including:

This pork-pie hat. Like Jughead!


This jacket that will make you look like the Garthim from The Dark Crystal

ODD via Obvious Winner

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