Librals Hat America

by Robert Neil

Why is it librals hat America so much? How come? Don they lick freedom? Don they lick being strong? Now is during a war. Freedum means that you can think whaevr you want, but when the terrorrissts who hat America as much as librals do come and then try to 9/11 us, we need to unit around the president, no mater whatt!!!! Thats why fredum is so great. And if you still think the presindet is wrong or messing up, you dont say it. Just keep it lokked in your tiny libnral head.

Libraks cant even change their own oil. So dont tell me we invaded Irak. because odf oil. You don even know about oil. What color isit? Oh. Lucke gues.

It must be harrd to be a libnral. So harrd. Librals are so fdull of hat. “I hat the president!” “I hat Dick Chany!” ” I hat Robert Neil!” ” I hat GOOD!” “I hat Amerca!@’ You just hav to put Good’s live in your hart and suddenlie you understnad. Ypul’l say, “now there things I lick everywhere. I lick Good. I livck Maerica. I lick whiskee. And RObert Neil is a fine man. I dont car if he is mom is sleeping with som nigr. Good fres us all. And then yo can say, Bush is right, lets kill thme Goodless Chommie terrorrissts.

Yo can stil hat some things, lick sholaces. Becase its still a damocratcy. Becase fredum is about being abel to anything you want, unles Good says no. That means you, quears. That means you, librals. That means you, nespapeers. That means you, borsionists. That means you, universe heath car librals. If Good wnated us to paye taxies for hellig the sick, he wouldv mad us paye taxies just for coming in a church doar. Jesis woud sport the flat tax. AnD IF HE WNATED YS TO PAYE A TAXE FOR DYING HE COULD TAK IT OUT OF OAR ASSES ON THE OTHER SId. Rite?

Good I hat librals.