Lazy Foley Theater – Death Howls by Moonrise (1951)
Lazy Foley Theater - Death Howls by Moonrise (1951)

The Lazy Foley Players

Inexplicably restored from the NonPro Clip-Keeper’s Vault, the Lazy Foley Players present to you, this uncut, unedited, unproduced piece of unprofessional pulp. A creepy little tale called “Death Howls by Moonrise

Death Howls by Moonrise” is a Non-Productive Production, adapted from a comic by Maurice Gutwirth and George Appel originally published in 1951 The Hands of Fate #8.

Adapted for the radio by Frank Hablawi

Pete Monte as the Narrator and the Sheriff

Nate Schoonover as Ginny

Al Baldino as Fulton

AJ Ingersoll as Deputy Cowboy

and Frank Hablawi as Ben and your Announcer

Death Howls by Moonrise