Justin Towe answers our stupidest questions about his Divisive Kickstarter!

Hey, we know you! Who the hell are you again?
You do know me! I am Justin Towe, former president of Montclair University Gamers and aspiring Game Developer looking to launch my first project through Kickstarter!

What’s the Kickstarter about?
This Kickstarter is about the first game I am creating, in what will hopefully be a long list of games: Divided Pursuit. It’s more of a board game than a traditional video game, but instead of a board or cards and pieces, everything is interfaced in an app (iPhone or Android). It’s a bluffing game like Mafia, Werewolf, or Avalon – mixed with a RPG like Dungeons and Dragons.

Can I play this with other people?
Absolutely! In fact, you HAVE to play it with other people! At least 3 others, as the game is for 4-12 people (but I am kicking around an idea for a 2-player mode that would come after the main game is released).

Can I make up my own characters and stories and backstories and obsessive fanfic??
Yes! And I highly recomend it! In fact, if you get in on the Kickstarter, you can create characters and stories that will actually be a part of the game! And like I said earlier how this is the first game of many; I plan on creating other games in the same universe, and you never know what creation or backstories may end up in future games…

What’s with all the cats?
I think I have toxoplasmosis. Cats are great!

Who did the art for the game? It looks crazy.
My lovely partner (business AND romantic). She is great and has graciously lent her skills in order to help create this game. I plan on hiring some other artists as well to get a variety of styles, but she was the only one who would take an IOU.

Is “crazy” an offensive word for you?
Yes, I think it is all too often used as a lazy throwaway word that doesn’t offer much information, and can be harmful to people with mental illnesses. You can use more precise language to better convey meaning while also not trivializing or discriminating against people with mental illness.

That’s crazy!
Dammit, what did I just say!

Where can we throw money at you for this project?
You can throw your money right here!