Inspector Plustard and the Transylvanian Diamond

Inspector Plustard and the Transylvanian Diamond -small

Move over Benedict Cumberbuns, while all of you are geeking out over the premier and eventual finale (why only 3 episodes!) of Sherlock, I’m excited for the return of another famous inspector! That’s right, our friends over at are well into filming there second installment of the Inspector Plustard series, Inspector Plustard and the Transylvanian Diamond. Below is the amazing teaser trailer, full of the tongue and cheek humor you have come to expect from the duo of Plustard and Johnny, while imposing a much more dark and foreboding tone then the first installment.

One last thing, I’m very excited for the addition of Vlad Rotaru to the series, playing a character known only as The Lord. While brief, his performance in the trailer is powerful. I’m excited for the presence he will bring to the series, and if I had to take a guess, Plustard may have just found his foil! I am very excited for Summer 2014!

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