In Defense of Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter does not need your vote to know her worth.  

Article By Guest Writer: Taylor Smith 

Spurred by the death of her brother during the war, Peggy joins MI5, and from there she comes across the ocean to work with the Americans at the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR).  She participates in numerous missions and earns the respect of the men around her, so much so that they know to ‘Do as Peggy says”.  Perhaps her biggest contribution to the SSR is her work on Project Rebirth, an operation with the goal to make an army of Super Soldiers for the Allies in WWII.

From Project Rebirth, Steve Rogers becomes Captain America. He works with Peggy and his friend Bucky Barnes on many missions to defeat HYDRA.  Peggy is always able to hold her own, even though she is looked down on for her gender.

After the War and loss of Captain America, Peggy continues to work for the SSR at the front of a phone company.  Here, her male coworkers treat her like a secretary, so she takes matters into her own hands to get the job done.  Following her instincts, she goes out on her own to investigate, often without her superiors noticing.  She doesn’t need the recognition of everyone as long as she is able to complete the mission and save the day.

Peggy’s role as a leader among her peers goes further when she helps to start the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (aka SHIELD) and she becomes the Director. For the next few decades she works with leading scientists for the security of the world and the advancement of the organization.  She always tries to do what is best and what is right.

Even though Peggy might not have won the popular vote here, she is a true leader among the ladies and will always get my support.  I’ll save a dance, and a vote, for my best girl Peggy. -Taylor Smith