Horror Host Retrospective: Morgus the Magnificent

Morgus the Magnificent

Real name: Sid Noel
Years active: 1959-1989, Louisiana

Firsts are usually impressive. For Morgus the Magnificent, he was not only the first horror host in Louisiana, he was also the first to star in a feature film. He was also, as best as I could tell, the first horror host not to be vampire or ghoul, but rather a mad scientist.

Beginning in 1959, Morgus stayed on the air almost continuously until 1989 when he finally hung up the test tubes. Broadcasting out of the Old City Ice House, Morgus would conduct experiments through the commercial breaks, often failing at the finale. Most host skits have little to no continuity, but Morgus may have been the first to do so. He was aided and abetted by Chopsley, an executioner.

The fact that the show is still airing today is still impressive. So few hosts last, yet Morgus has managed to stay on the air despite not having any new episodes.

House of Shock began on WVUE-8 and is presently airing reruns on the same channel.ย  Mr. Noel is presently retired, but a fan site exists.