Horror Host Retrospective: Halloween Jack

Halloween Jack

Real name: Evan Davis
Years active: 2000-present, New Jersey and online

For years, the Garden State has never known any local horror hosts. Big names have played there and been shown on television, even dating back to the 1950’s, but as far as a host being based out of New Jersey? It seemed as if such an event would never be known; until the year 2000, when Evan Davis heard the call and created the character of Halloween Jack. Jack, a failed actor who was locked inside a trunk for a few decades, emerged in a strange new world.

Halloween Jack is a part of the new breed of hosts, using the Internet nearly as much as the television. His character is a blend of several hosts, but Davis plays it straight enough to keep the audience entertained.

The Haunted Theatre began in 2000 and is still running on Cablevision of Monmouth, Channel-77 out of Jackson, New Jersey. Halloween Jack is also a key figure in the Horror Host Underground, a self syndication network devoted to horror. He is also a contributor to Count Gore De Vol’s website. He can be reached through his MySpace page.