This Week in Geek

Fyre Festival, Royal Rumble, Rent, and Bachelor Melodrama! February 1, 2019 - You know what makes for good storytelling? Drama. You know what makes for good storytelling on television? MELODRAMA! We cover some of the most hyper-dramatic [...]
Geek Oscars, Ghostbusters, and Kingdom Hearts 3! January 25, 2019 - NonPro talks about the latest news in geek culture, including… Geeks Invade the Oscars! Black Panther vs Infinity War! Jurassic Park Confession! Spider-Man makes something [...]
This Week in Geek: SDCC 2016! August 1, 2016 - THIS WEEK IN GEEK: our San Diego Comic Con recap!
This Week in Geek – June 15th 2016 June 16, 2016 - THIS WEEK IN GEEK: Broadway, Warcraft, E3, Netflix shows (including new Voltron!), and more!
This Week in Geek – February 10th 2016 February 19, 2016 - THIS WEEK IN GEEK: DC and Marvel TV shows (Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, Agent Carter), new movies (Deadpool, Zoolander), a tearful goodbye to GameTrailers and [...]