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Geek March Madness – Fictional Animals Sweet Sixteen! March 17, 2020 - We’re covering the only sporting event that matters – NonPro’s Geek #MarchMadness Competition – FICTIONAL ANIMALS! Why did we do this? How did we do [...]
NonPro’s Deep Dive on Sonic the Hedgehog! February 21, 2020 - We’re going on a deep-dive for everything Sonic the Hedgehog in today’s episode! On Today’s Show: Sonic SatAM Comics! Animated TV Shows! Anime! Video Games! [...]
Disney Bucks, Zolocon, Birds of Prey, and XFL Dinner Theater – NonPro February 14, 2020 - OMG YOU GUYS SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT! On Today’s Show: Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Disney
It’s NON-PRODUCTIVE! – SEASON 25!!! February 7, 2020 - It’s our 25th season on the air, doing podcasts before podcasts were a thing and well well after they stopped being cool! On Today’s Show: [...]
The NonPro Survey! January 3, 2020 - Happy New Year from everyone here at NonPro! In this new year, we need your help to make our network better than ever, just by [...]
This Decade in Geek December 30, 2019 - As the decade comes to a close and we look out into a new year, the folks at NonPro gathered to talk about what made [...]
Spider-Man: Broken Home August 21, 2019 - The Great Spider-Man Studio War has begun! Disney and Sony have come to a suspiciously public head regarding the future of the Spider-Man movie franchise, [...]
Last Week In Geek: Happy Birthday Harry Potter August 9, 2019 - Last Week in Geek is a show where we explore pop-culture of the not-so distant past, talking about what made it great and why we [...]
NonPro Reviews Every MCU Movie Ever Before Avengers: Endgame! April 25, 2019 - Welcome True Believers, to the one podcast you need to prepare for Avengers: Endgame - NonPro's spoiler free* recap of every MCU movie ever
Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Disney+, Notre Dame, and the Results of our Women in Fiction March Madness! April 18, 2019 - It was another busy week for being a geek – on this episode we discuss: The new Star Wars trailer Disney+ and the Disney Channel [...]