February 01, 2012


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NonPro Goes Broadway This February!

If there is a dance move that’s better than “jazz hands” we don’t want to know about it. With that in mind, enjoy this month’s Demotivational Calendar and join NonPro as we spend the month basking in the glow of the Great White Way!

February means guests galore on The Loud Idiots as they welcome Broadway Legends Linda Eder and Frank Wildhorn, as well as, um… “romantic” movie reviews from Taffeta Darling! Will the AlterNegro crew go see David Alan Grier in “Porgy and Bess” or just rent copies of “Chocolate News”?? Plus, Geekademia goes to the Geek Media Expo and new shows like Wikiphiles and Shameless Geekery get the final touches before joining the network! My lord, people! Content!

Plus, podcasts galore including interviews with Doug Jones and Chris Sims!

Tune into Non-Productive.com and check out what all the nonsense is about!

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February Demotivational CalendarWarning! This month’s calendar might cause your co-workers to vomit in fear. You’re welcome.

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NonPro supports independent artists. Our indie highlight:


Joe Conte: Happiness 

Joe Conte: Happiness

Comedian Joe Conte takes the stage in his very first stand-up comedy DVD/CD set. With many years in the stand-up business and many many more years in a deep depression, Joe is a paradoxical mix of arrogance and low self-esteem (and he’s genuinely funny)

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