Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Watching Gurren Lagann

1. Sometimes, you have to ignore reason and attempt the impossible.
2. Evolution cannot and should not be stopped.
3. If you can’t believe in yourself, believe in those who believe in you.
4. Eventually though, you will need to believe in yourself.
5. A surprise attack is useful, but it only works once.
6. The world needs people who are reckless, but it needs people who are cautious just as much.
7. No matter how special another person is to us, we shouldn’t try to become them, even if they’re gone.
8. But our lost loved ones live on in us, and they can inspire us to be better.
9. Even though sometimes we must consider doing what is practical over what is right, it’s better to find a way to do both.
10. You should always be there to punch your friends in the face when they need it.
11.Even if we gain the power to do so, we should not bring back the dead. The world has to make way for the next generations.
12. Just because humanity is capable of doing harm or evil doesn’t mean we deserve to die.
13. Kissing the busty redhead will probably get you killed. It’s still worth it.
14. Grow, adapt, evolve, never run away, and never give up.
15. If you dare to be awesome enough, nothing can stop you.