Epcot Forever

Jet skis with flaming kites.

That might seem like a word soup non sequitur for the basis of the article, but really it’s what I’ve found myself thinking about in my first viewing of the inaugural Epcot Forever fireworks show at Walt Disney World. If you’ve not had the chance to watch it yet; Disney Parks has uploaded the stream of the event to their Youtube, and does the event a great deal more justice than I could with my cell phone.

As it starts, a childlike voice introduces the show, interspersed with recordings of Walt Disney himself. As it goes on, the show continues to evoke nostalgia with songs from Imagination, Soarin’, and even Makin’ Memories. This fireworks spectacular is comparable to any other Disney World has put forth before.

My companion and I could start feeling the familiar sensation of being choked-up by our feelings, just as we’ve had with our favorite shows in the past. The jet skis started circling around, and attached to each was a single kite lit up by LEDs. This was certainly a breathtaking spectacle.

After a few moments, the kites seemed to multiply and started spewing flames as they traveled around the lake. Which brings me back to my original statement. Jet skis with flaming kites.

Seeing all of these lights and fire flying around the World Showcase Lagoon, along with an amazing ending and a final recording of Disney, himself – had goosebumps along my arms and I could see my companion with streams of tears running down her cheeks.

Truly, more than any other show I’d see for the first time, Epcot Forever was more than I could have hoped it would be. I’m almost sad it will only be around for a year, but I’m more than excited to see what HarmonioUS will bring when it comes out next year.

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