Day One of the New York Comic Con 2008!

Howdy True Believers,

This is Frank of NonProductive here to give you all the scoop on the New York Comic Con! As the first night of the con comes to a close, all our NonPro agents have reported in with their findings…

A big hit with the crowd was the Marvel Panel, featuring a question-answer period about their new storyline; Secret Invasion. The room was packed but everyone still managed to get their own Skrull mask to wear. Obviously, any shape-changing alien worth his skornak realizes that the best place to hide is in plain site: Who would suspect comic-geeks wearing skrull masks to actually be a skrull invasion force?? Genius.

Still other crew members stat in on the “Breaking Into Comics” panel. We can’t wait to find out what juicy bits of advice they’ll bring us once we get them back in the studio – assuming Marvel or DC doesn’t swoop them out from under us beforehand.

The X-files panel was another great stop for us, and with the new movie coming out soon, the classic series is getting an all-new buzz.

But perhaps the highlight of the evening was sitting down to a reading given by none other then the legend himself, Neil Gaimen. I can’t wait to hear the full details about this one.

So, it seems as if we are in the process of putting together an awesome show for you all this week. We’ve already interviewed tons of celebrities and artists, saw some new characters and visited with some old favs. Tomorrow night should be a blast!

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NY Comic Con Day One

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