Dark Shadows, Episode 7 Review

“Episode 7.” Dark Shadows. ABC. Various stations. 5 July 1966.

Returning to the realm of Dark Shadows, here is a new series of recaps/running commentary on the classic series.

We open with Sam, fresh from spewing his warnings to Victoria, returning home to get good and drunk. Roger, however, is waiting for him and makes it clear he needs Sam sober.

Roger demands to know where Sam spent the night, but Sam can’t answer that. Sam does know about Burke’s arrival, a fact that makes Roger furious. The subject of Devlin is brought up again. Sam feels incredible amounts of guilt over something, but won’t say what. Roger demands to know what Devlin is up to, and Sam suggests it would be revenge against Roger. Sam also makes it clear that if revenge is the case, he won’t do much to help Roger.

We cut to the diner and we learn that Maggie the waitress is Sam’s daughter. We also learn that Devlin used to pose for Sam’s paintings before Sam became a full time drunk. Devlin also flies off the handle at Maggie and accuses her of being a spy for asking too many questions. The scene quiets down when Victoria arrives to use the payphone. Devlin slips to Maggie who Victoria is and her current status with the Collins family. He gets up to follow her as we cut back to Roger.

Roger is chewing Sam out for going near Collinwood and talking to Victoria. He seems determined to get to Victoria before Devlin does, but he’s too late. Devlin waits for Victoria as she leaves the phone booth.

We open to Devlin and Victoria having coffee and donuts together. Devlin is still trying to figure out Victoria’s purpose in Collinsport while she is attempting the same. He physically stops her from leaving at several points but makes it clear he will only answer questions about the weather and the local chowder. Maggie manages to send Devlin away to fetch a newspaper and tells Victoria about Devlin’s past. She only reveals it with her father before he returns. He tries to ask questions about Roger and his plans, but Victoria reminds him of his promise to only discuss the weather and chowder. Roger arrives at the Inn and talks to Maggie. When she brings up the current whereabouts of Devlin and Victoria, Roger flees into the night.

Now we get more back story on Devlin. When he was 10, he broke into Collinwood to try and find a ghost. He was spanked for his troubles, but he then changes the focus to Victoria. She denies believing in ghosts or the supernatural, a claim which Devlin mocks she spent the night there. Maggie arrives again to break things up and mentions Roger being there. Devlin is disappointed in missing Roger, but leaves to go talk with Sam. Devlin seems shocked to learn that Sam drinks.  Maggie tries to warn her father but the call is too late. Sam and Devlin face off. The latter seems cheerful and happy to see the former, but Sam begs Devlin to leave him alone.

With Devlin gone, Victoria finally makes it to the phone booth and places her call. It seems she is trying to Mrs. Hopewell of the Hammond Foundling Home over an urgent matter.

Questions raised: What is the deal between Sam, Roger, and Devlin? Why is Victoria trying to calls Mrs. Hopewell?

Review: Again, no one in this town can ever get to the point or reference something directly. More setup and more questions and darn few are answered. We finally see that Maggie and Sam are related, although why Sam rushed off to warn Victoria a few episodes ago is still unknown. Is Devlin a wronged party or just a creep? How close is the Inn to Sam’s place? Roger seems to appear there in seconds yet Devlin doesn’t seem interested in trying to catch him, yet he too can appear in Sam’s place without being winded.