Dark Shadows, Episode 35

“35.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 12 August 1966.

Joe slips away from the Blue Whale and calls Carolyn. He brags that he caught Devlin and Victoria together, leaving Carolyn furious. David listens in and opines that Victoria is trying to steal Devlin away from her because Carolyn likes Devlin more than Joe.

Sam Evans is looking for his daughter and finds Devlin. The two chat about Roger’s accident. Sam breaks down and swears that he can’t paint Devlin’s portrait.

Victoria has made her way back to Collinwood. She promptly runs into Carolyn, who gives her the ultimate cold shoulder. Carolyn finally thaws when Victoria makes it clear that she’d rather crawl naked on broken glass than have anything to do with Burke Devlin. Carolyn accepts this line of defense.

Sam, meanwhile, runs into Joe. He begs the younger man to take Carolyn away from Collinsport as quickly as possible. Joe makes it clear that he intends to live and die in Collinsport, a statement Sam sees as happening sooner than Joe thinks.

David finds Victoria and swears he’ll make her sorry she ever came to Collinwood.

Questions asked:  What is David going to do? What are Carolyn’s feelings for Devlin?

Review:  If I were Victoria I’d be on the first train out of town. Failing that, perhaps sleeping with some silver bullets? David’s manipulations are growing, although he seems to going more small scale this time out. Will he focus on Victoria or a family member this time?

As an aside, the character of Sam Evans is now played by David Ford, taking over for the departing Mark Allen.