Dark Shadows, Episode 34

“34.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 11 August 1966.

Devlin and Victoria sit down in the dinning area. He piles on the charm, but Victoria clearly doesn’t view their meeting the same way. Devlin still manages to talk her back to his hotel room, though.

Back at Collinwood, Joe finally comes to and apologizes. Carolyn accepts the apology and points to an old painting over the fireplace. Noting that Jeremiah Collins was her great-grandfather and a drunk, she insists that Joe is in good company. She also wants Joe to apologize to Devlin, giving him the current version of the truth.

Back in Devlin’s room, we see the point of Victoria being there. She is trying to find out what Devlin’s detective found out. Devlin hands over Strike’s report, but there is nothing in there that she, or the audience, didn’t already know. She believes that Devlin’s continued offer of help is nothing more than another attempt to harm the Collins Family.

Victoria tells Devlin her back story and ignores his passes at her. As they talk, Joe arrives at the hotel intent on apologizing for his words when he sees Victoria sitting down with Devlin, unaware of what has been going on between the pair.

Questions asked:  What will Joe say? What are Devlin’s plans?

Review: Wait, Elizabeth said that Jeremiah Collins was her great-grandfather, so wouldn’t that make him Carolyn’s great-great-grandfather?

Screwy family history aside, we seem to building to something, although what I couldn’t say. Will David try to kill another family member? Will there be more crossed lines of communication? Are we witnessing a comedy of errors or comedy of terrors?