Dark Shadows, Episode 33

“33.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 10 August 1966.

Elizabeth and Carolyn confront each other. Elizabeth begs Carolyn to put on a happy face and explains why she lied. Carolyn wants her to tell the truth, especially to Devlin. Elizabeth tells her that Devlin is not to be trusted or liked. She makes it clear that of the entire Collins line, Carolyn has the best chance for happiness. At the bare minimum, she stands the least chance of going crazy.

Meanwhile, at the Blue Whale, Joe Haskell is getting drunk. He and Devlin are drinking at the bar while Devlin waits for someone. Joe flat out accuses Devlin of trying to steal Carolyn away from him. It seems that Joe has been having a hard time lately. Carolyn has been avoiding him and the unnamed partner who was going to help him buy his own fishing boat backed out due to his wife’s pregnancy. He drinks more and curses everyone.

At Collinwood, Carolyn is outraged that David is getting away scot free. Elizabeth orders her to leave David alone and also to think about running away.

Joe is continuing his attempt to murder his liver while Devlin pays off both their tabs.

Carolyn shoots down Elizabeth’s pleas for her to marry Joe. She views Joe as just too darn nice. Joe appears at the front door and forces his way inside, drunkenly screaming about Elizabeth’s shut-in tendencies and Carolyn’s marriage phobia before passing out in front of them.

Back at the Blue Whale, Devlin meets his date: Victoria Winters.

Questions asked:  What are Devlin and Victoria up to?

Review: Joe is too nice? Is she talking about Joe Haskell or is there another character named Joe that we haven’t seen yet? The fallout from David’s attempted murder seems to be being sent to his room and nothing else. Also, how close is Collinwood to town? In previous episodes, it takes a car ride of some distance to reach it, yet a drunken Joe can race from the bar to the front door in what seems a few minutes. So unless Devlin gave him a ride or Joe stole a car, how did he get there so fast?

Also, if you pause at the right time you can see a young Harvey Keitel sitting down at the Blue Whale.