Dark Shadows, Episode 31

“31.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 8 August 1966.

Devlin tries to defuse the situation by claiming he found the bleeder valve on the road earlier and meant to bring it back to Roger. This seems to placate Roger for a bit, but as soon as he leaves, Devlin confronts David. David finally breaks down and admits that he sabotaged Roger’s car in an effort to kill him. Devlin seems pretty cool with that but makes it clear that what David did was wrong; awesome, but wrong.

Meanwhile, Carolyn has arrived at the Inn and did some asking around. It seems the time Devlin gave and the time he was seen at the Inn don’t match, plus the various people who saw David and Devlin leaving together shoots both their stories down. Roger is incensed, with Victoria trying her best not to say she told him so.

Meanwhile, Devlin and David are growing closer. Devlin asks to see a picture of Laura, David’s mother. Devlin seems to forget himself and comments on how pretty Laura was. David brings up how his mother was put in a hospital. Devlin then gets up and finds Roger. He confesses the truth.

Questions asked:  Why was Laura put in a hospital? What are they going to do about David?

Review:  Okay, so Devlin came clean. How is Roger going to react? It looks like this mystery is finally over but what now? I suppose this was easier to take by the 1960’s but I fear the Internet has ruined my attention span. The acting on Mitchell Ryan (Devlin)’s part is very subtle, but it’s clear that Devlin still carries a torch for Laura. He’s not overblown and in this episode he plays it very cool.