Dark Shadows, Episode 30

“30.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 5 August 1966.

Back at Collinwood, Victoria is startled when she sees a strange figure lurking in the shadows. It turns out to be Roger, or does it?

No, it’s actually Roger and he ignores Victoria’s questions about David. Victoria points out that Burke Devlin and David are the two people who hate him the most and they might be working together. After a few tries of being subtle, Victoria finally comes out and states that David tried to kill his father. Roger snorts with derision and ignores her concerns.

At the Inn, David frantically searches for the bleeder valve when Devlin decides to take him home. They show up at Collinwood, with Devlin claiming to have found David wandering near town roughly fifteen minutes ago.

Roger takes David aside and confronts him regarding the bleeder valve. David tries to weasel his way out, blaming Victoria for the whole mess. Roger, for once, acts sensibly and doesn’t buy it. Devlin, meanwhile, corners Victoria and begs her again to leave town.  Roger drags David back and asks Victoria to repeat her accusation. Roger and Victoria begin to grill a progressively melting down David when Devlin produces the missing bleeder valve.

Questions asked:  What did Victoria see? What are they going to do about the valve? What is Devlin going to do?

Review:  So, was that a ghost Victoria spied or just an errant crewman? Who knows, but it looks like the noose is growing tighter around David. Will we finally see this little lunatic go down for his crime? Will Roger finally get a clue? Devlin seems to be playing every angle in this drama, or is he? He provides David with an alibi then turns over the evidence.  I feel like there should be dramatic music at the end of every sentence in this show.