Dark Shadows, Episode 29

“29.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 4 August 1966.

At Collinwood, things are tense. David hasn’t been found yet and tempers are flaring. Carolyn suggests the little serial killer in training is simply hiding somewhere, whereas Elizabeth takes the more logical approach, i.e. blames Victoria.

Speaking of the devil, David sneaks into Devlin’s hotel room. He manages to find a hiding place and dumps the bleeder valve inside the sofa. He is shocked when Devlin enters the room.

Devlin approaches the boy and they talk. Devlin mentions Laura, David’s mother, and explains that Laura, Roger, and he were all great friends for many years. David is shocked at this, and mentions all the horror stories he’s been told over the years about him. Devlin, who seems sincere, states he want to be friends with David.

Back at the house, Carolyn finally tells her aunt off. She points out the stupidity of blaming Victoria and then mentions that she often fantasized about killing her own father. It seems that Mr. Stoddard vanished without a trace some time before Carolyn was born. After this, Elizabeth breaks down and suggests that maybe she was wrong for blaming Victoria. Just then, Maggie Evens calls them with news about the prodigal son. Carolyn is tasked with driving into town to pick up him.

Back in the Inn, Devlin and David have a nice chat about fathers and hate. David openly wishes that Devlin were his father instead of Roger. It seems that Roger may have thought about this too, as David recalls his parents fighting many times over Devlin. David leaves to wash up, but while he’s out of the room, Devlin discovers the bleeder valve.

Questions asked:  Is Burke Devlin really David’s father? What is Devlin going to do about the bleeder valve?

Review:  Not bad, although trying to build sympathy for David at this point might be a lost cause. The plot thickens regarding the bleeder valve. The audience isn’t sure who is telling the truth, Roger or Devlin?