Dark Shadows, Episode 19

“19.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 21 July 1966.

Bill Malloy and Sam Evans are talking again. Bill tells Sam of Roger’s accident and Sam is now convinced Devlin is finally making his move.

Joe Haskell, meanwhile, is getting darn sick and tired of Carolyn and her games. He arrives at Collinwood roughly the same time as Carolyn. It seems she gave up the search for him and decided to spend the rest of the time with Devlin.

Carolyn is shocked to learn of her uncle’s car accident. Joe is cornered by Elizabeth. She wants to know what Devlin’s plan was that evening. Joe is getting sick of the whole Collins family and tries to leave. Elizabeth tells him that Devlin is not only an attempted murder, but a convicted one as well. She repeats the warning to Carolyn later. Carolyn, in keeping with her usual standards so far, refuses to believe such slander. Elizabeth points out there was a trial, and thus enough paperwork to prove that she is not making her statement up. She ends with the order to stop protecting Devlin, especially with her heart and mind.

Roger, unseen by all, has slipped out of Collinwood.

Questions asked:  Where is Roger going? What are Bill and Sam going to do?

Review:  And now things are finally starting to heat up. Carolyn’s IQ is dipping dangerously low. At this point she might have David work on her car. How are the threads going to connect next time?