Dark Shadows, Episode 18

“18.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 20 July 1966.

Victoria is woken up by Roger and ordered down the drawing room.  David runs into his father and asks about his injuries; he also expresses the closest thing to sympathy he has so far. Roger is gruff but softens up a bit. He explains his arm is sprained and nothing more. David reveals he knows the cause of the accident and Roger’s coldness returns. He orders his son to bed. David changes his mind about being sorry and wishes his father had died.

David runs into Victoria and they talk. David asks what would happen if they found out the wreck wasn’t an accident. Not that he’s expressing guilt, of course, but he is curious. Victoria takes him at face value and explains that if someone tried to sabotage Roger’s car, they would be punished by the law. Victoria also admits she’d gladly tell the police who was behind it. David grows angry, saying Victoria is just like his father in that they are both trying to send him away.

Roger grills Victoria over the events of the past few hours. He dismisses David’s outburst right away. Everything Victoria says, Roger finds a way to tie back to Devlin in some fashion. Victoria points out that maybe Roger should pay attention to his son and the things he says. Roger outright mocks the idea and sends her off.

Upstairs in his room, David cradles a bleeder valve before hiding it in his dresser.

Questions asked:  Why did David try to kill his father?

Review:  Ah, so Devlin is innocent! Well, David has just turned into a full blown little monster, but how can Roger ignore this next time? Again, I suppose this played better in 1966, but wow, a killer child who barely hides his attempts to kill people. It looks like Victoria has her work cut out for her. Assuming David doesn’t focus his murderous efforts on her next, of course.