Dark Shadows, Episode 17

“17.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 19 July 1966.

David is having nightmares. The town doctor, Dr. Reeves, is busy with the pregnant Lucy Cameron, but he stops to satisfy Bill Malloy’s concerns about Roger’s injuries. Roger is fine, save for a few bad sprains that will require a cast. Roger swears his car was fine until he went about a hundred feet up the hill and then everything went crazy. Reeves recollects Roger being involved in a similar accident about ten years ago. Malloy comes back from the wreck with news. It seems the bleeder valve in Roger’s car is missing. Roger is now fully convinced that Devlin sabotaged his car and swears the next blow will be delivered by him.

Back at Collinwood, David is having trouble getting back to sleep. He tries to talk to Elizabeth about his dreams, but she dismisses the idea of dreams having any influence on the waking world. We also learn that the Collins dynasty was established by Jeremiah’s father, Isaac Collins, in the year 1690.

Roger returns home and Elizabeth finally gets around to informing him about Devlin being near his car. Roger swears to get not only Devlin, but Victoria as well. Elizabeth places a call to Malloy, asking him to find Carolyn. Roger marches towards Victoria’s room as David is now spying on his father from under the stairs.

Questions asked:  Where is the bleeder valve?

Review:  Elizabeth just now gets around to talking to Roger about his car? And Roger again seems quick to blame Victoria, although to be fair she did witness Devlin in the garage and failed to tell him. How did David get under the stairs so quickly? Roger seems to have bad luck with cars but why can’t he go to the police about this one?