Dark Shadows, Episode 11

“11.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 11 July 1966.

The atmosphere at Collinwood is chilly, to say the least. Carolyn insists everything is fine since Devlin will be leaving in two days. Devlin doesn’t confirm (or deny) this statement.

Sam, meanwhile, has been drinking heavily and stumbles over to the Inn. He demands to see his daughter Maggie, but Mr. Welles blocks Sam from seeing her, as she is his only employee. He does distract him with a promise of coffee and of talking about Devlin’s recent movements. They talk, and Welles lets it slip that Carolyn was in Devlin’s room.

Carolyn is now beginning to suspect Devlin may not have been wholly honest with her; while she brings this opinion to her mother, Sam calls and frantically demands to speak with Roger. Devlin butts in and takes the phone, causing Sam to hang up. It seems that besides having a past with Roger, Devlin was also rather close with Elizabeth.  He makes it clear he doesn’t wish physical harm upon the family, but what if someone was to buy Collinwood and the neighboring grounds out from under them? Elizabeth scoffs, suggesting that it would cost at least two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, an amount that Devlin just so happens to have on hand.

Back at the Inn, Sam and Mr. Welles continue their chat. Sam is now morose and spills a bit about Devlin’s past. Basically, the Devlin family was hard working and honest but that was about it.

Carolyn, meanwhile, can’t be bothered with all this intrigue and makes a date with Joe.

Questions asked: How did Burke Devlin come into his money?  How is Roger going to react at seeing Devlin in the house? Why does Sam need to see Maggie so badly?

Review:  Again, more set up but now things are getting interesting. With Devlin finally inside Collinwood, will we finally see what his revenge will entail? What happened between him and Roger? Sam rushes to see Maggie yet all he does is drink coffee and talk about coffee commercials with Welles.