Con Nooga Report 2012


Samus, Cthulhu, aliens, and a wizard with guns? I think I played that RPG in 1996!


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend Con Nooga, taking place in downtown Chattanooga, TN. A multi-fandom extravaganza, roller derby fans could walk side by side next to gamers, role players, comic fans, sci-fi and horror fans, and cosplayers.

For three days at the historic Chattanooga Choo-Choo, I walked among the people and such sights did I see. The convention began on Friday, where I was lucky enough to interview Tamara Obscura of the Chattanooga Roller Girls.

Saturday, however, was the big day. With the full Geekademia team assembled, we marched boldly into the convention floor. Braving Klingons, zombies, and punks filled with steam, we interviewed Glen Weiss and Desi Turner, creator and artist of Thong Girl respectively, as well as Thong Girl herself, Maxx Kelly.

Also attending were the official artists of the convention, Paul and Michael Bielaczyc of Aradani Studios. Makers of truly outstanding jewelry and elf ears, the Bielaczyc siblings have been a Tennessee staple for years.

We interviewed author Sean Taylor and talked about his latest book offerings including Lance Star-Sky Ranger, as well as the problems faced by naked snake women.

Later that night I saw the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead, hosted by none other than area horror host Dr. Shock and Nurse Goodbody. You can expect to see the not so good doctor making a future appearance on the show, as well as a few other surprises later this year.

More guests on the show were artist Mark A. Helwig and Abhorrent Dreams member/author Rachael Hill, who had collaborated on a H.P. Lovecraft themed cookbook. Cuisine from Beyond is not only a treat for Lovecraft fans, but also has some darn tasty recipes.

Sunday was a quieter day. We sat down with Shane Trotter of Stiff to promote the magazine’s upcoming holiday sales, as well as a preview of the upcoming web series Creep FM.

Con-Nooga is always a great show, but this year just felt better. The guests were amazing, the venue was outstanding, and the after hours parties are a great place to mingle, drink, and get shocked by a gorilla, which leads me to ask: what is the only thing that could be better than Con Nooga 2012?

Con Nooga 2013!