Comic Con 2009: Panels I hope to see you at

This upcoming Comic Con in good ole New York City is going to be amazing.  There are some very good panels lined up.  Seth Green and the creators of Robot Chicken are back.  I am very excited about this one.  I just hope I can get good seats.  According to my friend who went to Seth Green’s panel last year, she waited through about two panels so she could stay in that room to see Seth.  That’s crazy–rewarding, but crazy.  Milo Ventimigilia is back to talk about a comic instead of Heroes, but he’ll probably talk about heroes soon since the second half of 3rd season is almost out.

One panel I am extremely excited for is Dead Like Me.  One of my favorite shows that was prematurely canceled is back to promote a straight to DVD movie created to tie up the lose ends of the show.  They left it at such a cliffhanger with a question that needed to be answered and, since the show was canceled, it couldn’t be answered.  I can’t wait!

I’ll see YOU at Comic Con!