Classic Sitcom March Madness Round Three!

Every year we waste March pitting our favorite shows against each other. This year it’s sitcoms of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Round Two was epic, let’s check out the contests of Round Three!

Round Three!

The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air (1990) vs. Happy Days (1974)
At one point both of these series were about freeloaders living in guest houses/garages.

Alf (1984) vs. The Flintstones (1970)
The Great Gazoo Begins!

The Golden Girls (1985) vs. The Critic (1994)
Bea Arthur meets Jay Sherman. Think of the snarky!

The Addams Family (1964) vs. Charles in Charge (1984)
Charles is the only thing standing in the way of Wednesday and Pugsley Addams trip to the mall.

Get Smart (1965) vs. Seinfeld (1989)
Put the High Talker in The Cone of Silence.

All in the Family (1971) vs. Married with Children (1987)
Another battle of dysfunctional families – ah, sitcoms!

Bewitched (1964) vs. The Adventures of Pete and Pete (1993)
Beauty vs. The Petes!

Perfect Strangers (1986) vs. The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961)
Classic buffoonery at it’s best.

No mercy.

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