Chris Evans Teases Captain American/Human Torch Buddy Flick as Disney/FOX Deal Emerges

Chris Evans, one of the Triumvirate of Chrises responsible for the phenomenal success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently won Twitter by offering this:


Evans, of course, is best known to Marvel fans as the living embodiment of the living embodiment of all that is best in America, Steve Rogers aka Captain America. But he got his start portraying a different Marvel superhero, namely Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch, in Fox’s first attempt at a Fantastic Four movie.

Crisis on Infinite Chris Evanses (no, that’s not the right comic company)

And to be honest, Chris Evans’ Johnny Storm was one of several highlights of those first two FF4 films.

Marvel hasn’t been able to re-incorporate Fantastic Four characters into its shared universe since those rights were signed away to FOX before Disney purchased the comic book company in the early 2000s. Some fans have even speculated that getting all their properties under one roof is reason for the potential buy-out, although we have our doubts.

No word yet if Lucas Lee will get a skate-on roll.