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It made me laugh.

January 7, 2009 Frank Hablawi 5

Three gents were drinking apple martinis in a bar and had gotten to the stage of arguing about details. “I tell you it’s spelled W-O-O-M,” […]

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Fun thing of the day

July 25, 2008 Rick 0

Haven’t been around in a while. Nothing really funny to say. Sentence fragments abound. But, I saw this and had to share. Someone took the […]

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Crap and Love

April 7, 2008 Frank Hablawi 0

Frank: I enjoy crap. I’ve discovered this about myself. (re-discovered) John: its good to rediscover hobbies have i given into the darkside? Frank: Failure […]

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Everybody Loves Ben!

August 17, 2007 Sam 0

Hello Dedicated Wiggle Fans! It’s Sam writing from the Holiday Inn in Hershey Park! Today, I am happily providing you with a Celebrity Hazmat Update. […]