Bonus Round: Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World, the next entry in the popular Capcom franchise, is coming January 26th 2018 to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And no, that’s not just the Japanese release date, World is getting a simultaneous world release, a first for the series.

Like previous Monster Hunter games, you are a Hunter – an adventurer for hire that goes out to fight large nasty beasts, get loot from them, and make better weapons and gear so you can fight even nastier ones.

While the recent Monster Hunter games were built for handheld systems in mind, World looks to take full advantage of modern consoles. For the first time, the game world is completely open, and zones aren’t separated by loading screens, so no more cheesing the system by going to another zone to heal up. Areas will now also feature destructible environments, day and night cycles that affect monster behavior, and advanced AI where monsters will fight other monsters.

The game will feature singleplayer and multiplayer co-op with up to 3 other Hunters. Need some help with a particularly troublesome mark? Launch a flare and that will signal other players to drop into your game and lend a hand.

The developers have said that they hope to make Monster Hunter: World more appealing to Western audiences, but they assure fans that they will do the series justice. Are you a fan of the changes seen so far? Did you get a chance to try out the recent beta test? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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