Bonus Round: Far Cry 5

It’s time to explore the wilds of North America, Far Cry 5 is coming for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Set for release in late March, Fay Cry 5 is the eleventh installment of the popular action-adventure first-person shooter series. This time, players are deputies of the fictional Hope County, Montana, which has come under the tyrannical hold of a preacher named Joseph Seed and his Eden’s Gate cult. As with earlier editions in the Far Cry franchise, players must make their way through a vast open world, hone their skills, and gather their resources, all while trying to route out enemies lurking behind every outpost.

The game revisits many of the highpoints of the series, including a recruitment engine similar to the “Buddy” system in Far Cry 2 or “Guns for Hire” in Far Cry 4, where players can get support from the townsfolk they liberate, and a way of taming animals based on Far Cry Primal’s “Fangs for Hire” system. You can even join forces with other players with cooperative multiplayer in the “Friends for Hire” mode.

But, the keypoint of the Far Cry setting is the open world play. Dan Hay, the creative director of the game, said he wanted Far Cry 5 to be a “anecdote factory” where two players can enter the world at the same point, go their separate ways, and have totally different experiences they could share with one another anecdotally. This is only heightened by the recently announced included map editor Far Cry 5 Arcade, which will allow players to create and share maps for single-player, two-player, and multiplayer objectives.

All this, and there’s even a fishing simulator too. You really can’t go wrong.

What sorts of maps do you want to see the community generate? What are you most looking forward to trying out? Let us know in the comments below.

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