Bonus Round: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is here and there are lots of changes coming to this hit franchise.

Destiny 2 is out for PS4, Xbox one and for the first time ever on PC using Blizzard’s service. It features four brand new locations spanning from Earth to Jupiter’s moon. The original 3 classes return, but each of them have a new subclass to spice things up, including one that lets you throw an energy shield all Captain America-style.

Multiplayer returns with 2 new modes: Countdown, the new bomb planting and defusal mode, and Survival, an Elimination Team Deathmatch mode. Unfortunately, Destiny 2 still doesn’t feature matchmaking for Raids.  However, Bungie is throwing in full support for clans, and is adding a new Guided Games feature to help players find fellow Guardians to get that sweet sweet loot.

Destiny 2’s biggest change is the story, and this time you’ll be able to experience it in the game.  You start out by having your home, the Tower, come down in flames and wind up in the European Dead Zone.  From there, you begin the road to recovery and revenge against Dominus Ghaul, military leader of the Cabal Empire.

What changes in Destiny 2 are you looking most forward to?  Let us know in the comments below.

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