Bonus Round: Destiny 2 Forsaken’s Last Wish Raid

Get ready to dream big, new content has been revealed for Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Last week, Bungie released the second raid for Destiny 2, “Last Wish”, and fireteams from all over raced to achieve the world’s first clear.

Bungie promised that “Last Wish” would challenge even the best raiders, and they weren’t kidding. The first clear wasn’t completed until over 18 hours after the raid went live, significantly longer than any previous raid in Destiny’s history. Clan Redeem, who are no strangers to raid achievements in Destiny, are credited for the first kill of the final boss, Riven, and not only received some sweet loot, but also unlocked a bunch of new content for players everywhere.

The Dreaming City, Forsaken’s end game zone, received a new strike, story mission and tier to “The Blind Well” public event, and PvP added a new map for the Gambit gamemode.

Ominously, an in-game message was also shown to players once the raid was completed, saying, “A team of Guardians entered the heart of the Dreaming City and slew Riven of a Thousand Voices. They had no way of knowing that was exactly what Riven wanted…”

It seems that the mysteries of the Dreaming City are only just beginning.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is already off to an exciting start, and it’s really cool to see player actions have worldwide repercussions. Hopefully, these kinds of events will continue to occur as the game evolves, and we’re interested to see what happens next.

Have you tried your hand at the “Last Wish?” Share your raiding stories in the comments below.

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