BEST. GIFTS. EVER. Advent Calendar Day 8: Mighty!

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We’re starting week-two of our BEST. GIFTS. EVER. advent calendar with something small that carried a mighty punch…

Mighty Max Assaults Skull Master Playset (1994)

Mighty Max was a micro toy-line originally created by Bluebird Toys in the UK, the same people that gave us Polly Pocket and other fun choking hazards. Like Polly, Max was a small figure that populated a wide array of super-scaled down playsets, which, pound-for-pound, allowed for a lot more bang for your buck. Um… mixing metaphors was also a big part of the franchise.

Don't look at me that way, guys...
Don’t look at me that way, guys…

And like any good toy-line, Mighty Max had a cartoon show – only this series was unquestionably AMAZING. Filled with literary references and a rich use of mythology, Max, his wise old guide Virgil, and the fearless warrior Norman, traveled through portals that lead to different times and dimensions, and with enough of the sets you got to play along at home! Each set was modeled off a creepy theme, and they opened up to a giant (for Max and Max-sized figures) dioramas expounding on that theme. I’m sure everyone has their favorite, but for me it was always this monster:

Click to MAXimize!
Click to MAXimize!

Modeled after Skullmaster, the series villain (voiced by Tim Curry!), this playset looked as badass all closed up as it did spread out. I’m telling you guys, Polly Pocket’s Rick would have puked himself inside-out at the mere prospect of walking through this hell hole.

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