BEST. GIFTS. EVER. Advent Calendar Day 5: Giant Robot Battle!

Best Gifts Ever

We’ve had a blast reviewing some of the BEST. GIFTS. EVER. for our advent calendar this year, but things are about to get serious, folks. We’re doing our first BATTLE POST!


When you’re older, a few years age difference might not be a big deal, but as a kid it’s major. Generational differences can seem to set in with siblings even only a few years older or younger than you, and when you factor in an actual decade of changing tastes you begin to feel like everyone not the same age as you are either babies or cavemen. “Up your nose with a rubber hose,” you scream at them as they stare back blankly, occasionally referring to you as “gnarly.” People are warned not to “mess with bulls unless they want the horns,” and in utter confusion, those same people wonder aloud, “did I do that?”

With our Battle Posts we hope to capitalize on that generational strife.

Two similar toy-lines from two different periods. Generation vs. GenerationOriginality vs. RefinementCartoons vs. Live Action – Which shall prevail? We are taking this battle to the comments section! Argue, insult, deride, or worst of all, attempt-to-make-peace-with fans with different (i.e. wrong) opinions than yours!

Voltron (1984)


Megazord (1993)

Voltron vs Megazord

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


  1. Had Many Incarnations Including Lions, Cars, Space Vehicles
  2. Had a Hit Cartoon
  3. Sword Could Kill Actual Humans

  1. Had Many Incarnations Including Monsters, Sea Creatures, Motor Vehicles
  2. Had a Hit TV Show
  3. Cast Members with Criminal Records

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