BEST. GIFTS. EVER. Advent Calendar Day 10: Busted!

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Ghost stories have always been a weird part of Christmas , so it’s only supernatural that today’s entry in our BEST. GIFTS. EVER. advent calendar be a little spooky!

Ghostbusters Prop Toys (1984) by Kenner

The images in this article are the specters of dead Geocities webpages.
The images in this article are the specters of dead Geocities webpages.
The hit movie Ghostbusters spawned a lot of merchandise, and perhaps surprisingly most of it was quality stuff. The toys were all especially fun, and I struggled to pick just one to write about here.

While the action figures and playsets and the Ecto-1 were all very cool and in some cases hilariously gruesome, I have a warm place in my boy-guts for what I’m going to call “prop toys” – those replicas meant to evoke one device or another from the movies or 1986 cartoon show, while simultaneously meant to be physically played with. They were toys that could become Halloween costumes, or so I tried to sucker my parents into believing was a cost-saving measure worthy of a master economist.

Listen, mom - I'm just inventing Upcycling!
Listen, mom – I’m just inventing Upcycling!

I never managed to convince my parents to get me any of these toys as a kid, but there was one dude in the neighborhood that did have a complete set of every-damn-thing, so we naturally hung out with him so we could take advantage. Yep, that’s right, denying me my own toys made me into a jackass user – thanks, mom! If you don’t want your kids to learn the lesson that other people are just a means to an end, buy them all the toys they want – that way they’ll just think that YOU’RE just a means to an end and the rest of us will be much happier. You’ll be glad you did!

Years later, when I was already a grown lad and dumpster diving with friends seemed like a good idea, I would find a discarded Proton Pack toy and claim it for my own, but it was missing pieces and I couldn’t find a suitable way to strap the tiny thing on my enormous manly back; I was just too rippling with muscles. Alas, people never seemed to throw away any of the other accessories, so my burgeoning Ghostbuster-themed male-stripper service never managed to get off the ground.

Which of the Ghostbuster prop toys was my favorite? I can’t tell, but here’s a gallery of some of the happiest kids and unhappiest dead people 80s box-art ever had to offer! You tell us your favorite!

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