Awful Puppets: A NonPro Advent Calendar-December 7th


We are pleased to announce that this year’s advent calendar will feature something near and dear to all of our hearts during this holiday season: Horrible, awful, terrifying puppets and dolls!

And now for Scary Santa!

I’ve seen this image in various places across the web. Usually, it’s blamed on credited to ilovecoffeeyesido, but I haven’t actually found any evidence that this Flickr user took the photo. I love how it shows the artistry/bat-shit insane lack of regard to the feeling of children typical of early Christmas decorating. We tend to forget that years ago Santa was frequently depicted as being at least as interested in punishing children as he was rewarding them. Notice the small trickle of what can only be blood at the corner of Santa’s mouth? He’s fed recently. Also; the hands. Look at the hands.

But it gets worse. In my search for the source of the original photo I found this:

Does this mean there are negatives of a photo-shoot somewhere?

If I turn up dead in seven days, don’t try to investigate the last project I was working on. It’s not worth it.

But do come back tomorrow for the next in our series…

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