Awful Puppets: A NonPro Advent Calendar-December 19th


We are pleased to announce that this year’s advent calendar will feature something near and dear to all of our hearts during this holiday season: Horrible, awful, terrifying puppets and dolls!

Hey Kids! Get yours today!

Now, most of the toys we’ve featured thus far have been scary for no reason – they just look or sound or move in a weird way that gets on our nerves. Well, not so for the Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kid by Mattel! This doll is scary for a very good reason: It can eat you.

And we’re not just talking figuratively here, folks. This is the infamous toy that was recalled because it tried to scalp kids on Christmas – when a child’s hair wandered too close to the doll’s mouth, NOM NOM NOM bleed.

That blood thirsty little bitch.

Watch your scalp and come back for another in our series…

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