Anime Lunch – Episode 4 – Wedding Peach (1995)

Anime Lunch
Anime Lunch
Anime Lunch - Episode 4 - Wedding Peach (1995)

Welcome to Anime Lunch, an exploration and celebration of 20th century Japanese animation!

Based on the shojo manga written by Sukehiro Tomita and illustrated by Nao Yazawa, Wedding Peach is a 1995 anime about a group of school friends and members of a newspaper club, who naturally find out they are actually magical Love Angels tasked with protecting humanity from the evil demons of devil world.

Magical heroics, dreamy love interests, and school melodrama take center stage on Wedding Peach, as well as delightfully convoluted cosmology core to the genre.

Join us on Anime Lunch this week, as we present 1995โ€™s Wedding Peach.

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