25 Nights of Nineties Nostalgia: My Little Pony Generation 2

1984 gave birth to the global franchise toy My Little Pony, continuing even today in its popularity. Most people are familiar with both the tiny modern Friendship is Magic pony and the chubby Generation 1 pony that launched the line, but fewer are familiar with the second generation of toys that followed the original.

My Little Pony: The Next Generation
My Little Pony: The Next Generation

Initially launched worldwide in 1997, the line immediately found itself receiving the cold shoulder from fans and kids alike, who found these taller, skinnier horses unlike the originals and unsightly, even likening them to llamas instead of ponies, and citing complaints about designs with mismatched hair and mane colours and lackluster symbols. Hasbro discontinued G2 ponies in 1998 everywhere but Europe, where it continued until 2003 – until that time, only Europe had My Little Pony toys in stores.

There are thirteen US released Generation 2 My Little Pony figures, but over 100 released in Europe, including babies, unicorns, and princesses. All thirteen US released toys are worth very little considering their age, and while many European figures are worth more, compared to their Generation one predecessors, they have very few collector “grails.” While many collectors dislike the aesthetic of this line, if you don’t, their low prices and limited total numbers make them the easiest collection to complete.

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