25 Nights of Nineties Nostalgia: My Little Pony Fading Pink

If you associate any colour with the My Little Pony toys, odds are, it’s pink. Despite this, of the original lineup of six MLP figures, only two had any pink on them, one being all pink and one just the hair. Over time, though, the colour has been persistently popular in the line, and not without good reason. If you enjoy a pink-haired pony, though, you have to take especially good care of it, because a substantial amount of ponies released with pink hair no longer have it.

MLP: THE FADING PINK would be a good name for a prog-rock band.
MLP: THE FADING PINK would be a good name for a prog-rock band.

The infamous “fading pink” doll hair can go from a pretty pink to stark white in no time if not properly managed. Fan experiments have shown that as little as six weeks of exposure to sunlight (yes, that means windows!) can fade pink hair to pure white. With 72 different Generation 1 ponies alone produced with this type of hair, it’s not uncommon to encounter.

Fortunately though, if you don’t mind your toy not being as mint-condition as a pony with completely unfaded hair, it’s not especially difficult to fix. Most fans prefer RIT pink dye to carefully “re-pink” faded doll hair back to its original colour- unlike rehairing, you won’t be replacing the hair itself, just the colour.

So if you have any dolls in your house with light pink hair, be careful about letting it get too much sun! You can lose the pretty colour quicker than you think.

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