15 Things You Have Always Wanted to Know About Samantha A. Little

Omigod You Guys! 

Samantha A. Little here with another post about me!!!   

Recently, some NonProductive listeners have enquired about the “real” Sam.  We have said on occasion that at least some of what we do on the show is an act…and this is true; however, a lot more of it IS true.  I’m here today to tell you what is and what is not true about Samantha A. Little. 

  1. Am I really in a Sorority?  Yes, I sold my soul to a Greek organization in Fall of 2005.  It has been rocky road but I have muscled through it and will become an alum on April 27, 2008.
  2. Have I ever had a pillow fight with my Sorority Sisters?  No, in fact I have never heard of any sorority girls actually engaging in pillow fights…keep dreaming boys.
  3. Did I really get suspended from said Sorority?  Yes.  In 2007 I took my NonPro bitchiness and transported it to my sorority house (which I was actually living in at the time).  Unfortunately, it was a lot less cute than it is on air and after referring to one of the “pledges” as a dirty four letter word, I was suspended April 23 – October 21, 2007.  It was well worth it, she really was a ‘See You Next Tuesday.’
  4. Was I really kicked off a college radio station?  Yes, on April 2, 2007 I was “released” from my position as the host of NonProductive on a college station.  On May 1, 2007, I was suspended from the station for talking trash like the huge bitch I am.  Between the sorority and the station, I guess I was having a bad week…whoops!
  5. Am I really an evil bitch?  Depends on who you talk to.  I definitely talk a big game on air but I’m really a nice person outside of the station.  I’m sweet and kind and I care about all of God’s creatures…unless of course, you are certain sorority sisters of mine; then, I’ll see you next Tuesday.
  6. Am I really obsessed with High School Musical?  100% True…I am the biggest and oldest fan of High School Musical in the history of High School Musical.  My idol is Sharpay and ‘Disney Gay’ Ryan rocks my socks…seriously, I wouldn’t lie about something this important.
  7. Do I really hate Hannah Montana?  Sort of, I don’t hate anybody because that’s a horrible thing to say about anybody.  I do seriously dislike her though!!!
  8. Do I really care enough about High School Musical to hate Vanessa Hudgens?  Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t bother me so much as her character in HSM.  She is perfect in everyway, has an annoying singing voice, and is an all around a dumbass.  I HATE HER…I mean, STRONGLY DISLIKE HER!!!
  9. If I was in Hogwarts would I really want to be a Slytherin?  Absolutely!  I would want to by a Slytherin because they are so totally badass…and Draco Malfoy is GORGEOUS (even though he’s a fictional character)!!!
  10. Do I really not know things that have happened in recent history but know everything that has happened before I was born?  Yes!  I’m not big on recent events mostly because they are sad and depressing but I’m a huge history buff!  JFK is my muse.  I would have been his Marilyn anytime! 
  11. Have I really gotten straight A’s six times (so far) while in college?  YES!!!  Years of stressing out and making myself vomit with worry have finally paid off.  Not only do I have straight A’s but my worry has brought me down to my ideal weight of 83 pounds…What a country!!!
  12. Do I really have an eating disorder as implied by my answer to Question #11?  No, I don’t; however, if you search AOL you will find that skinny people are actually fat people…excuse me while I use the restroom.
  13. Have I really developed an eating disorder because of an AOL article as implied by Questions #11 and #12?  No.  I don’t actually read anything.  I’m a bit of a couch potato.
  14. Do I really have a boyfriend?  Sorry guys, this one is true!
  15. Do I really hate Frank, Lindsey, the Loud Idiots, and everyone associated with this show?  That’s one mystery you are just going to have to figure out all on your own!

Keep it real homeslices!  I love you all…or do I??? 

Your NonProductive Princess and Evil Bitch,

Samantha A. Little