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Near Mint – Questionable Recommendations Volume I

Frank, Ken, and Pete make recommendations of the absolute best comics books that they have never actually read. Baseless as that sounds, they do give some good advice as to…

NonPro Minisode – Midnight Zombie Marathon

Tune into NonPro for an interview with some of the folks at Midnight Zombie Marathon, a Kickstarter backed game about the zombie apocalypse! http://www.midnightzombiemarathon.com

I Believe in Zelda

It is no secret that the greater part of my childhood (and yes, even my teenage years) were spent with a game series called The Legend of Zelda. Like many…

Non-Productive.com presents Kevin Maher of “Kevin Geeks Out”

Writer-comedian Kevin Maher hosts Kevin Geeks Out a multimedia comedy-variety show of vintage film clips, guest experts, and fabulous curiosities – with each show dedicated to a topic as varied…

“Vegan Eats World” book signing with Terry Hope Romero

Frank visits old friend and vegan nerdista/cookbookista, Terry Hope Romero, at the signing of her newest book, “Vegan Eats World”

Nintendo Power Nap

Listen in as Matt, Al, Dave, and Frank mourn the loss of Nintendo Power. Long live Nester! Long live the Power Glove! Long live the Nindex!

There’s Waldo

For those wondering the whereabouts of Waldo, he was spotted at the 2011 New York Comic Con.  

Happy Birthday, Wondy!

Before becoming Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of Themyscira, molded from clay and brought to life on March 22, according to the 1976 DC calendar. Check out the DC Women Kicking…

She’s My Wonder Woman

The ever-awesome and always lovely Gail Simone was signing at the DC booth from 2:30pm to 3:30pm on Friday, October 8, at the NYCC. When approached by a fan at approximately…

My Preacher, My Punisher

Garth Ennis signed at the Midtown Comics booth from 2pm to 3pm on Friday, October 8, at this year’s NYCC. Unlike last year, there was a two-item limit, which was…