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The Quest for “Batman Fights Dracula”

This retro-post was originally written September 10, 2005! “Batman Fights Dracula” is a 1967 color Philippines film directed by Leody M. Diaz and written by Bert R. Mendoza. The cast…

Non-Productive.com presents Saturday Nightmares!

Join the NonPro Clip Keeper as he revisits Saturday Nightmares, the greatest horror convention around! Special guests include the casts of The Return of the Living Dead, Arachnophobia, Phantasm, Hellraiser,…

Top 5 Things on Frank’s Bookshelf

This retro-post was originally written September 2006! 5. Creepy-as-All-Hell Drinking Glass from the 70’s I got this creepy sonofabitch as part of an estate sale I don’t remember attending. Seriously….