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Non-Productive.com’s Civil War Round Table!

Listen in as friendships are thrown out the helicarrier window as the geeks at NonPro take on Marvel‘s latest blockbuster movie event: CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

Film Friday: Let’s Talk About CIVIL WAR

Hey #FilmFriday Folks: Let’s talk about #CIVILWAR (um, possible spoilers theories?) Specifically, I want to discuss the motivation for the conflict in the upcoming Civil War film, the source of…

Near Mint Radio – Why Ultron is all the Rage

We review “Rage of Ultron” and discuss the true nature of Tony Stark and Hank Pim as relates to “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Line Cutters – April Fools

The Line Cutters get together to play some practical jokes on each other. They also talk about March Madness, and the month long build up the the Avengers Age of…

Near Mint Comic Radio – Hobos, Heroes, and Spies!

We review The Illegitimates, Original Sin: Iron Man vs Hulk, and Star Trek The Animated Series… The Comic, as well as the record breaking sale of a superhero classic!

Near Mint Radio – Late to the Party Comics Preview!

We begin our “Late to the Party” discussion of Planet Hulk, Howard the Duck, and the new Dark Horse mid-quel series, Star Wars! Also a companion review of Iron Man…

Iron Man 3 Hangout Review!

Join Us for a Live Google+ Hangout Review of Iron Man 3 at 10:30pm Eastern! My god there will be nerding!