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Near Mint Radio – Who Watches the Watcher (Get Capped!)

As the Marvel Comics event “Original Sin” comes to a close, we review the series in graphic detail! We discuss the nature of the superhero murder mystery genre, how to…

Near Mint Radio – Fan Suggestions and Wrap-Ups!

Fan suggestions: Fantastic Four: Isla De La Muerte! Andre the Giant Starlight Peter David’s All-New X-Factor > Comic book movie news, including which properties have returned to Mighty Marvel!

Long Beach Comic Con!

NonPro is heading for the West Coast this September for Long Beach Comic Con! LBCC boasts a wide range of exhibitors which includes comic book publishers, small press publishers, video…

Near Mint Comic Radio – Hobos, Heroes, and Spies!

We review The Illegitimates, Original Sin: Iron Man vs Hulk, and Star Trek The Animated Series… The Comic, as well as the record breaking sale of a superhero classic!

Near Mint Radio – Thanos, Eli Manning, and Getting Into Comics

One is a living god hell bent on universal destruction, the other is Thanos! We talk Marvel’s Original Graphic Novels: Thanos the Infinity Revelation (with art and writing by Thanos…

Near Mint Radio – Starlight, Saga, and Guardians of the Galaxy!

We review Mark Millar’s Starlight, Al Ewing’s Agent of Asgard, and the Guardians of the Galaxy movie/new comic! All this, and rock n’ roll front man Anthony Noto of Blue…

Non-Productive.com — Guardians of the Galaxy Special

Join us as we tease everything Guardians of the Galaxy, including interviews with comic greats Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, hilarious sketches about our favorite cosmic heroes of the past,…

Near Mint Radio – So-Called Controversial Comic News

We review Disney’s Figment, Transformers vs GI Joe, and all the so-called controversial comic news coming down the press, including female Thors and black Captain Americas!

Near Mint Radio – So Long, Superior Spider-Man!

We bid farewell to “Superior Spider-Man” and discuss why we loved this book so much, and sit with Tim Yates and Lee Estes to discuss their new comic book “Anne…

Near Mint Radio – The Best of Batman

We celebrate 75 Years of Batman but ranking and reviewing our favorite incarnations, sidekicks, stories, and more!