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Non-Productive.com’s Civil War Round Table!

Listen in as friendships are thrown out the helicarrier window as the geeks at NonPro take on Marvel‘s latest blockbuster movie event: CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

Film Friday: Let’s Talk About CIVIL WAR

Hey #FilmFriday Folks: Let’s talk about #CIVILWAR (um, possible spoilers theories?) Specifically, I want to discuss the motivation for the conflict in the upcoming Civil War film, the source of…

Near Mint Radio – Marvel’s Civil War — Re-Read Wrap-Up

Our last look at Marvel Comics’ Civil War includes a final retrospective of the importance of character voice, pacing, and the wonderful tie-ins you may have missed!

Near Mint Radio – Heroism, Violence, and the Use of Force

Our Civil War Re-Read leads to some interesting thoughts… Being trained and supported by the government: That’s Good! Not having a choice about it?: That’s Bad! Why are the Pro-Registration…

Near Mint Radio – Superior Spider-JERK

We gossip about the “Guardians of the Galaxy” film casting, recap “Superior Spider-Man” and visit with his “Superior Foes” and disagree violently about our “Trinity of Sin: Pandora” review! Plus:…

Near Mint Radio – “Man of Steel” and the Importance of Capturing Character

On this exciting episode, the gang’s re-read of Marvel’s Civil War brings about a lively discussion of the importance of getting a character “right” which leads into a Man of…

Near Mint Radio – Marvel’s Civil War and Real World Tragedies

Civil War in national tragedy, comic news, Warren Luthor Ellis, and more! One of our best episodes ever!

Near Mint Radio – Late to the Party wrap of Planet Hulk and Civil War!

We finish our Late to the Party review of “Planet Hulk” begin our review of “Marvel Comics: Civil War” and go into some comic TV news!

Near Mint Radio – Planet Hulk and Civil War Read-A-Long

Part 1 of our “Late to the Party” Review of PLANET HULK, a introduction to CIVIL WAR, and were the Illuminati right all along?