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Near Mint Radio – Leia, Valiant, and Convention News!

Princess Leia’s awesome new comic, Valiant gets its own film franchise deal, Batman news, Marvel’s conventions plans, and the Lois Lane book! All this, and “Sidekicks That Matter” March Madness!

Why I Don’t Want a Black Spider-Man

Before I start, I feel that I should recognize that what I am about to write, were I reading it, and were it written by a White person, I would… Sidekicks That Matter March Madness Call For Submissions!

All too often, the “sidekick” in a story is simply there as set dressing, or as a sounding board for the main character, or worst still, as mere victims and…

Near Mint Radio – Welcome back, Spidey! (Part 1 of 2)

DC might quietly wrap New52, Spider-Man joins the Avengers on the big screen, and we talk about how we got into comics with our awesome guests, Ed Catto and Joe…

Near Mint Radio – Guardians Two, Electric Boogaloo

Frank and Ken talk about the great DC shows and Superman’s New Look/New Power.

Near Mint Radio – MARVEL WARS!

Marvel has finally let us know the secret behind their new event, SECRET WARS, so we discuss our hopes, fears, and predictions about the future of the Marvel Universe! All…

Near Mint Radio – Lewis and Clark and Apes and Trek and Ms. Marvel!

No, this isn’t the worst (best?) mashup of all time, it’s some of the fine comic books the gang at Near Mint reviewed for this week’s thrilling installment of the…

Near Mint Radio – Comic Movies and TV Talk!

Frank’s back and we celebrate all things comics literature by talking a hell of a lot about comics movies and TV news!

Near Mint Radio – World Without a Frank Part 4

The true villain at last been revealed, and now Pete stands triumphant, having claimed Near Mint for himself! With Frank and Ken out of his way, Pete, and his henchman…

Near Mint Radio – World Without a Frank Part 3

It’s a battle royal on the scale of Contest of Champions! In a desperate attempt to plug the gaping hole left by the still-missing Frank, Ken and Pete recruit James…